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Our handmade soba noodles made from 80% domestic buckwheat flour and 20% wheat flour and japanese mountain yam. Japanese mountain yam makes soba noodles taste so good on the way down.

There are also local dishes and jizake.

信州松本手打ちそば 天ぷら いいだや

handmade soba noodles


[Cold Soba Noodles]

[ZARU SOBA]Cold soba noodles and sweet soy sauce for dipping.

  • ざるそば(並)[ZARU SOBA]    980yen

  • ざるそば(小)[ZARU SOBA(small size) ]    680yen

  • ざるそば(とろろ付)[ZARU SOBA with TORORO]    1,250yen

  • 天ざるそば[TENZARU SOBA]    1,700yen / zaru soba with deep-fried prawns , vegetables

  • 野菜天ざるそば[YASAI TENZARU SOBA]    1,350yen / zaru soba with deep-fried vegetables

  • おろしそば[OROSHI SOBA] zaru soba with grated radish     1,050yen

  • わさび菜そば[WASABINA SOBA]    1,250yen / zaru soba with wasabi leaves

  • くるみだれそば[KURUMIDARE SOBA]    1,150yen / cold soba noodles and walnut dipping sauce

  • 鴨せいろ(合鴨肉) [KAMOSEIRO]    1,500yen / cold soba noodles and duck dipping sauce

[Hot Soba Noodles]

[SOBA] Hot soba noodles in bonito broth.

  • えび天そば[EBITEN SOBA] soba with deep-fried prawns    1,100yen

  • にしんそば[NISHIN SOBA] soba with stewed herring    950yen

  • きのこそば[KINOKO SOBA] soba with mushroom    950yen

  • とろろそば[TORORO SOBA] soba with grated yam    950yen

  • 山菜そば[SANSAI SOBA] soba with edible wild plants    900yen

  • たぬきそば[TANUKI SOBA] soba with tempura bits    770yen

  • きつねそば[KITSUNE SOBA] soba with deep-fried bean curd    810yen

  • かけそば[KAKE SOBA] soba noodles in bonito broth    720yen

  • 鴨なんばんそば [KAMONAMBAN SOBA] soba with duck    1,100yen

<Shinshu Matsumoto Teuchisoba Iidaya>Located on the 4th floor of Midori in the Matsumoto Station building. opening hours: From 10:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. LO8:00pm

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