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TEUCHI SOBA  handmade soba noodles and soba soup

Our handmade soba noodles made from 80% domestic buckwheat flour and 20% wheat flour and japanese mountain yam. Japanese mountain yam makes soba noodles taste so good on the way down.
There are also local dishes ,freshly fried tempura and jizake.


[Cold Soba Noodles]

[ZARU SOBA]Cold soba noodles and sweet soy sauce for dipping.

  1. ざるそば(並)[ZARU SOBA]    980yen

  2. ざるそば(小)[ZARU SOBA(small size) ]    680yen

  3. ざるそば(とろろ付)[ZARU SOBA with TORORO]    1,250yen

  4. 天ざるそば[TENZARU SOBA]    1,700yen / zaru soba with deep-fried prawns , vegetables

  5. 野菜天ざるそば[YASAI TENZARU SOBA]    1,350yen / zaru soba with deep-fried vegetables

  6. おろしそば[OROSHI SOBA] zaru soba with grated radish     1,050yen

  7. わさび菜そば[WASABINA SOBA]    1,250yen / zaru soba with wasabi leaves

  8. くるみだれそば[KURUMIDARE SOBA]    1,150yen / cold soba noodles and walnut dipping sauce

  9. 鴨せいろ(合鴨肉) [KAMOSEIRO]    1,500yen / cold soba noodles and duck dipping sauc

[Hot Soba Noodles]

[SOBA] Hot soba noodles in bonito broth.

10.えび天そば[EBITEN SOBA] soba with deep-fried prawns    1,100yen

11.にしんそば[NISHIN SOBA] soba with stewed herring    950yen

12.きのこそば[KINOKO SOBA] soba with mushroom    950yen

13.とろろそば[TORORO SOBA] soba with grated yam    950yen

14.山菜そば[SANSAI SOBA] soba with edible wild plants    900yen

15.たぬきそば[TANUKI SOBA] soba with tempura bits    770yen

16.きつねそば[KITSUNE SOBA] soba with deep-fried bean curd    810yen

17.かけそば[KAKE SOBA] soba noodles in bonito broth    720yen

18.鴨なんばんそば [KAMONAMBAN SOBA] soba with duck    1,100yen

<Shinshu Matsumoto Teuchisoba Iidaya>Located on the 4th floor of Midori in the Matsumoto Station building. opening hours: From 10:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. LO8:00pm

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